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Use the world's most accurate rating system and event management software to post dual match scores, organize UTR events and objectlvely seed post-season play.
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Want to See Your State/Section Rankings?

Players who are on their high school team roster on UTR are included in UTR rankings. Rankings for a state or section are available where the majority of high schools are on UTR. If you are a high school state athletic association or a coaches association, contact us. If you are a high school tennis coach, activate your school team and tell your fellow coaches. If you are a high school player or the parent of a high school player, ask your high school coach to activate your school team.

Make Scores Count

When your high school team is on UTR and match scores count toward UTR, players get credit for their high school performance. Players get rated, which allows them to understand their current true skill level and objectively track their individual progress. And, you can track your team’s overall progress. So, claim your high school team on UTR and make sure you add to your team roster.

Case Study: Adopting UTR in TX HS
"UTR offers players the recognition they deserve for competing in high-level high school matches."
Corey Aldridge, Southlake Carroll High School tennis coach, 2016 USPTA Division Coach of the Year

Run Official HS Events on UTR

Official high school matches that are run on the UTR platform will count toward Verified UTR (or UTR if you choose) for your players. Run in-season dual matches and post-season state and sectional tournaments, using UTR’s easy-to-use event management system and tournament management system to take registration, create draws and post scores.

"UTR has helped us to make better tournaments...players are getting better matches."
Troy Simonek, Waco-Midway High School tennis coach

Count practice & challenge matches

You can also post scores toward UTR for practice or challenge matches. Posting scores helps players build their tennis profile and showcase their game.

Level-Based Play Improves Quality

High school tennis based on each player’s UTR results in better draws, more competitive matches and more accurate post-season seeding. Players have told us more competitive matches are more fun.

Scout opposing team matchups

Use UTR to assess opposing teams by researching upcoming player/team matchups. Set up your season with teams of similar skill levels for competitive play.

Run Fundraisers

Need to raise money for your team? Invite members of your community and your high school team and use UTR to create a fun and flexible format, accept registration and payment, create level-based match-ups based on UTR and post scores that will count towards UTR ratings.

Case Study: Menlo-Atherton High School Fundraiser